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Sideboard kitchen and nature

The kitchen is managed by the seasons. We sit around a table, with our notes, our experiences and memories. We listen, we smell the perfumes, we select the most beautiful aspects of the earth. Nature chooses the ingredients, we decide how to best make them. Each dish has a piece of each of us, each bite tells a little of our experience.

In this way, each dish is different and unique, because it contains more pieces of life and different personalities. The seasons change quickly and so does our menu, so do we.

By comparing ourselves we learn new things, curiosity drives us to experiment and passion brings us back to tradition. Traditional dishes have raised us, made us passionate about this world, we can't help but be faithful to it. We have a beautiful land that welcomes, nourishes and supports our roots, leaving us free to explore.

Sideboard kitchen and nature

  • Madìa kitchen and nature

    Via Cassola, 35/C , Bazzano, Valsamoggia

    Tel.  340 054 5872



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