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The upper Lavino Valley

This itinerary winds between the beauties of the Colli Bolognesi in the territory of Monte San Pietro.

You can start from the parking lot in front of the Osteria del Pilastrino di Calderino to venture, after a tasty stop, on a ring route in the territory of Monte San Pietro.

It starts in the direction of Montepastore.

Where you can then fill your water bottles (at the intersection of Via Varsellane) and admire splendid views (a good observation point is in front of the Aquila Nera restaurant). And where there are several activities and accommodation facilities where you can taste and buy excellent food and wine products from the area:

Black Eagle Restaurant

Antica Trattoria Belletti (historical workshop)

Agriturismo Ca 'di Piaza

farmhouse Ca 'del Buco

Alimentari Franchi Dario (historical shop)

Comani butchery and delicatessen

Continue towards the Montepastore tower and then head towards Monte Severo among historic chestnut woods, stretches of the Lavino river and other fascinating panoramas of the mountain landscape.

At La Borra it is possible to refill your water bottles and taste the local cuisine at the Trattoria Amelia (historic shop).

There is also a votive point with a kneeler from which you can see the Basilica of San Luca on the Colle della Guardia in Bologna (at the intersection of via Bonzara and via Rasilio).

If you wish, you can take a detour along the Via Crucis to the cross of Monte Bonzara where there are the remains of the Rocca di Bonacciara and from which you can also enjoy a 360 ° panoramic view.

The cross dates back to 1934 by Pietro Beghelli, of Ronca who placed it within the perimeter of the ancient fortress, dating back to around the end of 1200, and a few meters from the entrance of the cave which, according to popular legend, would house the fairies and would come out on the Monte di Vignola.

In addition to the kneeler at via Bonzara (intersection with via Ronca) two majestic centuries-old oaks are visible.

Continuing towards San Chierlo it is possible to admire the agricultural landscape with its rows of vineyards.

The territory of Monte San Pietro is in fact part of the production of the Colli Bolognesi DOC wines (see also Typical products page ) which can be tasted in the cellars of the area such as, for example, the Bonzara Winery.

Continuing further, you pass through the locality of Rovere where there is a typical example of an 18th century manor house, which played the role of control point of the estate's lands (if interested in Historic Villas , you can consult the relative page). From here also, going down to complete the path and return to the starting point, you can have a vision of the stretch completed.

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