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Emilia-Romagna is a land of enogastronomic excellences.
To taste some of these, we can suggest you itineraries dedicated to

ancient traditions of enogastronomy .


"Via dei Brentatori" is one of the few roads dedicated to wine production that can boast an ancient and documented history.

This path dues its origin from the necessity to transport agricultural products and especially wines from Bologna's provinces to the city.

"Brentatori" were people who transport "brente" (a sort of basket) full of products on their shoulders.

They were very important figures also because they were the only ones that could assure wines quality.

With this itinerary it is possible to follow their footsteps through the hills discovering the local viticulture traditions.

Nowadays there still are numerous wine cellars in Valsamoggia, Monte San Pietro and Zola Predosa where taste the fantastic D.O.C. wines of the "Colli Bolognesi" (go to Typical Products for more information).
For further information about this Path you can click Here



pasta farina.jpg

Pasta passion!

Pasta's ingredients: eggs, flour, water and so much traditional wisdom.
This is the magic formula of one among the most beloved italian foods: the real handmade pasta.
Pasta was traditionally made by skilled "arzdoure", women who were queens in the emilian kitchens.

Tagliatelle, tortellini, lasagne and cannelloni are only some of the most famous types of pasta that dominate bolognese gastronomy.

Do you want to discover the secrets of bolognese cookery tradition?

In "Colli Bolognesi" area ancient traditions can be tasted, for example, at "Sfoglia Rina"; a small shop and laboratory that from 1963 sells delicious gastronomic products and organizes cookery courses especially about the art of pasta making.

The original "tortellini" recipe and the perfect measures of the "tagliatella bolognese" are depositated at the "Chamber of Commerce" in Bologna since the 7th of December 1974!

So Tortellini must be made with flour, eggs, loin of pig, raw ham, Bologna's Mortadella, "Parmigiano-Reggiano" and nutmeg and, according to the bolognese tradition, they must be cooked and eaten in a good broth of capon or hen.

But the secret ingredients to prepare every type of pasta are: strenght of your arms, great ability in using the "Mattarello" and naturally...passion for pasta!


Mortadella and salami tasty  Emilian tradition

Mortadella is the"pink queen" of the bolognese gastronomy.

It is a symbol that represents the territory of "Colli Bolognesi" and Bologna in the world, so much that "Mortadella" is also called "Bologna".

It is in Zola Predosa that the Mortadella has its capital because there are its principal manufacturing firms, Alcisa and Felsineo.

For this reason every year in Zola Predosa it is organized the festival "Mortadella, please."

But also other salami of "Colli Bolognesi" must be tasted and to do that you can visit the "Salumificio Franceschini" in Castello di Serravale, that produces from the 1964 handicraft meats of high quality following traditional methods, or
"Prosciuttificio Montevecchio" in Savigno.

We also recommend you a visit at MUSA("Museo della salumeria") at Castelnuovo Rangone, to discover the history of the people that have developed and improved the methods of cold cuts production with their  attention, experience and imagination unite to technology.


Ancient savours:

bread & flours

The beautiful hills around Savigno are ideal for trekking, mountain bike or  horse riding surrounded by naturalistic and historical treasures.

In these valleys characterized by streams and brooks there were many mills that exploiting the strength of water to produce flours,vital products in the country life and essential element for the preparation of many other ones.

The mills made of stones, their wooden wheels and the roar of water are images of ancient times.

On "Colli Bolognesi" it is still possible to visit some mills as the 17th century "Mulino del Dottore" (Mill of the Doctor) in Rodiano, still working and open to the public some days.

Another importatn product connected to flour and so to mills is bread.

To taste it we suggest you to visit the bakery "Pand'oro - School of Bread"in Savigno and  beside it the small "Museo dei mulini della valle" (Museum of the mills of the valley) on reservations or during Savigno's "Tartufesta"and market's days.


To savour an itinerary dedicated to flour and bread on "Colli Bolognesi" there are numerous ovens to visit with their fragrant specialties to taste.

In Monte San Pietro ther are three of them: "Forno Carata Ugo" (via Lavino 12/d Tel. +39 051 6760427), "Forno Cassari Gabriella" (via Lavino 135/m Tel. +39 051 6761504) and "I Due Mattarelli" (via Lavino 121/a/b Tel. +39 051 6769218).


In the territory of Zola Predosa instead there is "Panificio Marsigli" (via Risorgimento 185, Tel. +39 051 750155).


And also in Bazzano, there is "Forno Garagnani" (via Borgo Romano 8, Tel. +39 051 831251) and "PaneGraziosi" (Circonvallazione Nord 54, Tel. +39 051 831961).

Follow crumbs of bread as in fables and discover the original tastes of country life traditions.

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