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Art & History


Municipal theater "Laura Betti" of Casalecchio di Renois one of the very few dedicated to a woman in Italy, which every year offers a multidisciplinary season of prose, dance, circus arts, dialectal comedies, shows for families and children, workshops and workshops that have positioned it as one of the most popular in the Region.


The Temperie Theater in Calcara di Crespellano(Valsamoggia) is dedicated to the theater as a place, as an art, as a practice, a space to get to know each other. It offers reviews, workshops, activities for schools and projects that reflect on the possibility that the theater becomes  a meeting place for the community


The Ariette Theater of Castello di Serravalleit is the company of peasant-actors, of theater to eat, of autobiographers. Cultural association that produces, studies, organizes and promotes theatre. It was born in 1996 and since then it has been making theater in homes, ovens, hospitals, schools, on the streets, squares, fields but also in theaters and in important national and European festivals and theater reviews.

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