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Bologna is the city of arcades, churches, towers, food

and much more.

he first settlements in the city area date back to at least the first millennium BC, it was an important urban center first under  Etruscans (with the name Felsina) and  Celts, then under Romans (as Bononia) and also in the Middle Ages, as a free municipality.


This city played a very important role during the "Risorgimento" ages and during the Second World War it was an important center of the Resistance.

Many illustrious people of history, literature, science, music and art has passed through its streets and the classrooms of its historical university ("Alma Mater Studiorum", founded in 1099), the oldest in Europe.


It is difficul to choose what to see, visit and taste in this city.

Its numerous  "portici" (arcades), for example, that cover over 38 km! In the historic center only!

Or Piazza Maggiore on which the Town Hall is located and where there are some of the most important symbols of the city: the Fountain of Neptune, "Palazzo Re Enzo" (King Enzo Palace) and the famous unfinished Church of San Petronio.

Not far from "Piazza Maggiore", in "Piazza Santo Stefano" (Saint Stephen Place), you can also admire Saint Stephen's Church called "the church with seven churches" because in this one contains seven others of different historical periods.

Not to mention the Basilica of San Luca (Saint Luke) which is reached along an arcade with 666 arches and where the Blessed Virgin of San Luca resides for most of the year.


Bologna is also a city of water, that was essential to the industries that made this city a great silk producer in the past, as well as a city of towers, that once dotted its landscape like skyscrapers and, as the Two Towers that still stand out and are another key symbols.

Not to mention bolognese art or  gastronomy known throughout the world (as its pasta like tortellinis, lasagne and tagliatelle with "ragù" known as the "bolognese sauce").


Bologna is definitely a city to discover.


For more tourist information, you can consult the following website:

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