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Casalecchio di Reno

Casalecchio di Reno is a historic town which is 6 km from Bologna and 34 km from Modena.

There is also a UNESCO heritage site

The name of the place, Casalecchio, is of Roman origin: Casaliculum, which in medieval Latin means "small agglomeration of houses".

The human presence in the area dates back to the Paleolithic period, considering the finds of archaeological materials relating to that period. There is also evidence of the presence of the Etruscan and Roman civilizations.

Around the year 1000 in Casalecchio, with the construction of the Chiusa, the Reno canal and the bridge over the Reno, castles, fortresses and strongholds arose.

The city was more devastated by the wars of factions linked to Bologna. It was in particular the scene of the homonymous battle of Casalecchio, fought on June 26, 1402 between the Bolognese army led by Giovanni I Bentivoglio and that of Gian Galeazzo Visconti, Duke of Milan, and his allies.

From the second half of the sixteenth century villas, oratories, churches were born; the cultivation of farms intensified and became one of the most sought after and admired territories of Bologna, thanks to the suggestive parks and rich gardens.

Such as the Villa Talon of which traces remain in the park of the same name (also known as Parco della Chiusa).

Through the Lock (UNESCO heritage, see the page Monuments and places of interest ) the flow of water to Bologna was controlled, which also fed its famous factories.

The First World War left profound signs but it was during the Second World War that there was a real destruction: Casalecchio was in fact one of the cities most affected by air raids and bombings.

For the calendar of events and useful numbers, consult the website of the municipality:

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