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Modena , a city between history and modernity.

With its fascinating architecture, ancient institutions and the roar of engines known all over the world.

Also present among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites thanks to its splendid cathedral.

The center of Modena gravitates around the Via Emilia as in the past whan it was a Roman city (Mutina), of which you can admire finds and monuments in the Archaeological Museum, in the Estense Lapidary Museum and in the Roman Lapidary and it is also possible to walk on an ancient Roman road in the NoviArk archaeological park.

The historical center of the city evokes the greatness of the Este family, thanks to them Modena became the State Capital from the end of the 16th century until 1859.

In the Ducal Palace, symbol of magnificence of Este family,  since the Unification of Italy there are headquarters of the prestigious Military Academy.


Do not miss the Estense Gallery which houses works by Correggio, Guido Reni, El Greco, Guercino, Tintoretto, Bernini and a portrait of Duke Francesco I Este made by Velasquez, as well as musical instruments, jewelry and much more.


In Modena there are also numerous churches full of masterpieces as Duomo of Modena (Cathedral of Modena).

This cathedral, with its tower (the Ghirlandina) and the Piazza Grande, has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.


But Modena is also a modern and entrepreneurial city as witnessed by the "Museo della Figurina", in which is collected the history of figurines and of the Panini brothers company, or by the Enzo Ferrari Museum (MEF), which houses the cars that have made the history of this famous brand and of its founder.

Not to mention theaters, music, contemporary arts and gastronomy that can be enjoyed in Modena.

A city that you cannot avoid visiting.


For more tourist information, you can consult the following website:

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