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Antina Trattoria Al Cappone

The Trattoria where your grandparents ate is proposed again today with its genuine specialties and keeping the flavors and aromas of the ancient Bolognese recipes unchanged.
On the table it offers its guests fresh homemade pasta such as Tortellini in broth, Tagliatelle with meat sauce, but also reinterpretations of ancient local recipes such as Potato and porcini ravioli, Ricotta and low-fat tortelloni, tortellacci with butter and sage and short pasta egg.
To taste the crescentine and tigelle, freshly prepared and served with the typical cold cuts of Emilia Romagna, from the classic ham to the tasty mortadella; and the second courses where the kitchen offers, alongside traditional local dishes such as baked shank, liver in a net with bay leaves, bacon, grilled meats and polenta, tantalizing cheeses and delicious vegetables.
All accompanied by the wines of the Bolognese hills, passing from the delicate Pignoletto and from the sparkling Lambrusco to the intense Sangiovese to the more robust Cabernet Sauvignon able to best enhance the flavors of our culinary tradition.
Delicacies of traditional Bolognese cuisine that find in the rooms of the Antica Trattoria "Al Cappone" the ideal place for tasting. Received from an ancient inn that from 1838 offered refreshment to travelers who trod the land, it still maintains its atmosphere and hospitality. '

Antina Trattoria Al Cappone

  • Ancient Trattoria Al Capone

    • Address: Via Landa, 4640050 Monte San Pietro (BO)
    • Phone: 051 67617406
    • Email:
    • Web:
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