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Società Agricola Bonfiglio

Our farmhouse was born from the renovation of an ancient agricultural courtyard, on the hills of Monteveglio, City of Wine and historic heart of the Val Samoggia, halfway between Bologna and Modena. This hilly valley, the pride of the Bologna province, is rich in places of historical, tourist, food and wine and naturalistic interest, and offers visitors a wide range of opportunities.


The complex is located within the vineyards of the Az. Agr. Bonfiglio . From the homonymous cellar we produce the appreciated local wines to which each of the 'Stanze di Bacco' is dedicated.


The farmhouse " Le Stanze di Bacco " has 4 double bedrooms and 2 mini apartments. Each of the 6 lodgings (three with a light greenish interior setting for recalling white wines, and three with a ruby red interior setting for recalling red wines) is named after one of our wines: Pignoletto, Bacca D'Oro and Alba in Vigna (for whites), Barbarot, Rosso Bologna and Baraldesco (for reds).

Società Agricola Bonfiglio

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