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Eliopolis B&B

Eliopolis beb was born from a dream that Ivana and Angelo had long hidden and kept in their drawer. The idea was that of a sort of island where you can sink and get lost, rediscovering rhythms, cycles and the slow passage of time with its reconquest, as the landing in a mysterious island with the sensations and emotions that can arise from it .


Today our dream has come to life in Eliopolis, the ancient Egyptian city of the sun, fueled by the inexhaustible and unstoppable energy, strength and creativity that Aurora and Serena (our girls) give us every day.


The structure was completely renovated 2 years ago, using environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly criteria with an emphasis on creating comfortable, modern and equipped with all comforts, free of architectural barriers with a large internal parking.

Inside we have 2 double bedrooms, with an additional third bed, each with its own personal bathroom, if necessary they can become single,

a suite with double bedroom, study and a very spacious bathroom for the disabled, with external veranda and independent entrance, which can accommodate up to 5 people, an open space with kitchen and external veranda, where in summer you can enjoy the our breakfasts the peculiarity of Eliopolis and that all the units, independent, in relation to needs, can become communicating, thus suitable both for singles who want privacy and tranquility and for groups of friends or families who prefer conviviality.

Eliopolis B&B

  • Heliopolis B&B

    Via Papa Giovanni XXIII, 23A, Crespellano -  Valsamoggia

    Mobile 347 2942065 - 347 2795947



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