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Il primo fiore

Our farmhouse rises on the top of one of the most suggestive hills of the Emilian countryside of the province of Bologna, MONTEBUDELLO; surrounded by greenery and in its silent and profound peace, this small fraction of the ancient and historic municipality of Monteveglio, however, enjoys a strategic proximity to the cities of Bologna and Modena, at 25km, and is surrounded by small towns that live in magical atmospheres thanks to their villages, their abbeys and even more for their traditions still cultivated and preserved today. Our farm is enhanced by a unique and spectacular setting, the proximity to the small and characteristic Church of S. Andrea, the look towards a horizon made of breathtaking views enhanced by the cultivations of our land with vineyards, sunflowers and wheat fields, and finally the glimpse of the enchanting park of the abbey of monteveglio, all this will offer our guests various opportunities, which can explode in a plot of pleasures, from that of escapism in a unique contact with nature, to the discovery of tastes, flavors and traditions, up to the pleasure of the eyes in the artistic wonders of our territories.

The rooms

Our four rooms were born, not following a style that obeyed fashion, but trying to put them in close contact with their surroundings, carefully furnished in every detail, each of them was dressed in soft colors but at the same time such to be able to warm the environment and make it cozy, rustic and elegant, their names, ROOM OF ROOTS, ROOM OF GRAPES, ROOM OF WHEAT, ROOM OF THE BELL TOWER, refer to the photos taken frames that recall the unique views of our earth, the latter are the protagonists on the walls of the rooms.


Our kitchen creates everything starting from what our land periodically gives us; always keep every work done "HAND"; the preservation of the most secret recipes of our famous first courses among which the tortellini with capon broth and the potato gnocchi of grandmother Anna stand out; the exaltation of the traditional Crescentina with the grandmother Adele's montanara and the fried Lilli dumpling, accompanied by the inimitable hunter from Monta. These our culinary convictions are obviously accompanied by the wine of our production, AZIENDA AGRICOLA GHEDINI

Our dream that today comes true comes from far away ... ... was born at the beginning of the 20th century when my great-grandfather, despite the poverty and misery, believed in this land, consecrating it HOME for him and the following generations! What has always survived unchanged over the years is the love for the vineyard and its cultivation, the grapes have been the glue for every adventure, choice, project and hope. Our farm today was born from the desire to bring to light an old and decaying stable, months ago imagining its rebirth made us believe in this crazy project, now made reality!

Il primo fiore

  • Agriturismo Il primo fiore - Azienda Agricola Ghedini

    Via Motta 2, Monteveglio - Valsamoggia

    Tel. 051831839  

    Cell. 3248147704      




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