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Fresh pasta, the tradition

Strictly worked with a rolling pin in all our dishes

Ragù, béchamel and fillings come from raw materials at km. 0 that we select and work in respect of the Bolognese tradition and with the extra touch of our Chef.

From the garden of Mastrosasso, beautiful and tasty vegetables

We cultivate our garden and bring freshness to the table every day

Grilled meat

Our large fireplace serves as an oven and grill, where we cook the best meats from local farms.

In the surroundings of the Mastrosasso farmhouse we are really full of excellent truffles from the Apennines! Savigno is the land of the truffle, which we use to enrich and embellish the dishes that best enhance it.



  • Stonemason

    Via Scardazzo, Savigno - Valsamoggia

    Tel. 051 6708552

    Mobile 328 2520292



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