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Bears San Vito Vineyard

To produce wines that are an authentic expression of this terroir, we practice an agriculture capable of revitalizing the land, stimulating the plants and producing fruits with a strong link with the territory.

In the cellar we do not waste this heritage, avoiding invasive oenological interventions. The fermentations are spontaneous without the use of selected yeasts, and no clarification or filtration is carried out on the wines. The company also produces vegetables and raises pigs of the Mora romagnola breed in a semi-wild state. We work in full respect of nature, excluding synthetic products, from the point of view of a closed-loop company aimed at preserving biodiversity.

Bears San Vito Vineyard

  • Bears San Vito Vineyard

    Via Puglie 12, Crespellano - Valsamoggia

    Tel. 051 964521

    Email Vigneto San Vito.

    Site Vineyard San Vito.

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