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Osteria Nuova Del Pilastrino

The Osteria del Pilastrino is located in Monte San Pietro, in the province of Bologna. It offers a rich menu of dishes prepared with traditional ingredients and with products from local companies that guarantee its freshness, goodness and quality. The Osteria del Pilastrino will conquer even the most refined palate with a wide variety of courses, including typical cold cuts, specialties with summer truffles and porcini mushrooms, steaks, succulent meats and seasonal dishes. The restaurant also offers a well-stocked wine list and provides the customer with a convenient parking area.

Osteria Nuova Del Pilastrino

  • Osteria Nuova Del Pilastrino:

    • Via Lavino 449/a, Monte San Pietro (BO)
    • Tel.: 051 675 9043
    • Email.
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