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Bologna hills

A sweet discover



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Bandiera d'Italia

"Bologna is celebrated for producing popes, painters, and sausages"

Lord Byron

Taste experiences

Emilia is a land of culinary excellence. Some hints and ideas on the excellences of the Colli Bolognesi through gastronomic itineraries full of taste and ancient traditions

Travel experiences

The hills surrounding Bologna are a perfect place to explore and discover ancient traditions, to admire breathtaking views ... by foot, MTB or  on aWasp.

In the "Colli Bolognesi" area (Hills of Bologna) there is no shortage of attractions to visit. Below  you can see just  four of the  unmissable_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb5 discovered places but all beb-cf586-bb5 you discovered the others in the sector territory.

Villa Hedwig Garagnani,Via Masini 11 in Zola Predosa

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