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Valsamoggia is a scattered municipality born in 2014 from the merger of the municipalities of Bazzano, Castello di Serravalle, Crespellano, Monteveglio and Savigno (formerly part of the Union of Valle del Samoggia municipalities).

The discovery of archaeological finds in Bazzano testified to the existence during the Bronze Age (1200-900 BC) of a settlement located on the knoll on which the Bentivola fortress currently stands. In the "Villanovan" era (900-500 BC) the population moved downstream creating a inhabited center that persisted also in the following Etruscan, Gallic and Roman periods, and became an important trading point.
Numerous are the sites that have returned Roman materials and already Polibio and Strabone, Roman authors who visited these territories then Gallia Cispadana, describe it as densely cultivated and rich in cereals, fruit and vines. In the early Middle Ages the valleys of Lavino and Samoggia found themselves close to the border between Lombards and Byzantines. The Frankish conquest of the eighth century brought these areas to be on the dividing line between Modena and Bologna.

In 1265 the Capitanati della montagna were established in the three oldest podestries and in 1288 all the municipalities of the western hilly area were grouped in the podesteria of Serravalle. It was the area bordering on the Modena area and Bologna's attention to keeping fortifi cations armed was always high.

The border with the Modena area was always problematic for Bologna, until in 1325 Monteveglio was conquered by the Modenese and reached the tragic end of Zappolino (see also page Between Bologna and Modena - Historical rivalry ).

Starting from the XVI century the development of the markets (Savigno, Monteveglio, Serravalle and then Bazzano) led to the formation of inhabited villages in flat positions which later became the capitals of the municipalities.

Places of tourist interest



  • Courts, churches and courtyards - from May to October

  • Festival of fried dumplings -  October - Serravalle Castle

  • De gustibus - from October to February - Monteveglio

  • Autumn Festival - November - Crespellano

  • Autumn in Bazzanese - September - Bazzano

  • Festa della Saracca - March - Olive grove

  • Market Exhibition of the Old, of the Antique and  of Good Things - from March to December - Savigno

  • Laburnum - May - Castle of Serravalle

  • Gnocco Summer - June - Serravalle Castle

  • Feast of the Abbey - June - Monteveglio

  • Goblets of Stars - August

  • Fair party - September - Crespellano

  • September holidays - September - Savigno

  • Tartòfla - November - Savigno

For the events calendar and useful numbers you can consult the website of the municipality:

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