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Street of the Gods

The Way of the Godsit is a historical path truly touched by the Gods.

Not only in the name of the places but also in the beauty of the landscapes.

Between nature, history and food and wine of 2 regions:Emilia Romagna and Tuscany.

Between Bologna and Florence

On the ridge between Setta and Savena, the Etruscans traveled for at least 4 centuries (VII-IV century BC) an ancient road that connected Fiesole with Felsina (today's Bologna).

Later the Romans, having founded the colony of Bononia in 189 BC on the remains of ancient Felsina, built a road on that track, as they used to connect the various cities and regions of the empire; thus ensuring a commercial and military connection with Arezzo and Rome through the Apennines. This street, taking its name from the consul Caio Flaminio, was called Flaminia Militare.

Even in the Middle Ages, the habit of walking or riding this path was not lost despite the fact that the Roman paving had been replaced by a simple path without pavement.

The Via degli Dei is a route created at the end of the 1980s by a group of hikers from Bologna who mainly follows the ancient routes and which has also led to the rediscovery of some original paving stones of the Roman road. Its name derives from the toponymy of some places touched by the track: such as Monte Adone, Monzuno (Mons Iovis, Monte di Giove), Monte Venere, Monte Luario (Lua was the Roman goddess of atonement).

It is an unforgettable journey through suggestive places, splendid panoramas, history and tradition, starting from Bologna and reaching Florence, from Piazza to Piazza: it starts from Piazza Maggiore and arrives in Piazza della Signoria.

Today the Via degli Dei has become one of the main tourist attractions of the Apennines: many lovers of trekking and mountain biking go through this stretch of history while fully enjoying the natural beauty of these places.

For more information on the route, you can consult the official website:

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