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Motor valley

Motorvalley , a valley where passion roars to the roar of engines.

Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, Malaguti, Ducati are just some of the names related to it and known worldwide.

Terra dei Motori is located in Emilia-Romagna and in particular in the metropolitan area of ​​Modena and Bologna where some of the world's most important car and motorcycle brands were born and continue to forge the myth of their speed.

In addition to industrial activity, Motorvalley is characterized by the presence of specialized museums and private collections that narrate the history of the two and four wheels together with the exploits of legendary characters linked to them.
A sporting passion that also develops and grows in what are among the most important racetracks and circuits in the world such as that of Imola and that of Maranello.

For fans of two wheels, for example, the Nigelli Collection in San Martino in Casola (see the Museums page ) and of course the Ducati museum are not to be missed . Museum born in 1998 that traces the history of the brand from the first models such as the Cucciolo to the more recent racing models, and also exhibits the electronic equipment and radios produced in the first phase of the company that precedes the production of motorcycles.

Even for lovers of four wheels there is only the difficulty of choosing between museums, collections and guided tours in companies.

One of all is the Ferrai Museum in Maranello where it is possible to admire the cars that have made the history of motoring from the first to the most modern ones without failing to also tell the story of some fundamental characters for the "Prancing Horse", first of all the its great founder Enzo Ferrari of course. At the Museum it is also possible to board Formula 1 semi-professional virtual simulators to live the driving experiences usually reserved for drivers.

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