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Unipol Arena

How to reach the Unipol Arena
The largest theater in Italy


Unipol Arena is the largest and most modern indoor complex for events in Italy. Designed by the Sabatini Group on the model of the largest and most prestigious cultural and sports centers in Europe – from the O2 in London to the Beaubourg in Paris, Unipol Arena is structured with modular spaces capable of hosting up to 20,000 people.

Located in a strategic position in the metropolitan area of Bologna, just 2 km from the Casalecchio di Reno motorway exit and 8 km from G. Marconi Airport, Unipol Arena is located in the center of the FUTURSHOW STATION commercial area where Carrefour, Ikea, Leroy Merlin.

The structure can be reached in 15 minutes by train directly from Bologna Central Station, and has a parking area of 60,000 square meters, with 5,000 parking spaces.

The Arena offers spaces to host conventions, concerts, TV sets, exhibitions and fairs, gala evenings, political conventions, theatrical performances, cultural events, competitions and sporting events.

Unipol Arena is equipped with: a 1,300 m2 truss consisting of 6 rings for a total capacity of 76 tonnes equipped with 32 load cells – ledwall ticket office – entrances with programmable screen floors – 5 giant screens measuring 6.70 x 5 meters – _cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_located at the entrances – fixed positions in the Arena  – tunnel of the stars, path reserved for celebrities, which connects the dressing rooms directly to the arena – 9 bars for the public – dressing rooms and halls fitness for artists, sportsmen, etc. – press room with telephone lines and wi-fi internet.

How to get


Tper bus lines:

From Bologna:

extra-urban bus lines number 83, 94 and number 671

From Casalecchio di Reno:
line 85 in service in the Casalecchio di Reno area

By Tper train:

Connection with Bologna Central Station via the Suburban Railway Line (Bologna – Vignola). Palasport – Futurshow Station stop.

Tper creates ad hoc journeys for concerts with the 675 line. We recommend that you visit the Tper website

For info Tper Tel. 051 290290

By car:

It can be reached by motorway along the A1, A13 and A14, exiting at the Casalecchio di Reno tollbooth and taking exit 1 Bis.

For those arriving from the ring road, the exit is number 1.

Unipol Arena 

Via Gino Cervi, 2  
40033 Casalecchio di Reno 

051 75 87 58 (public information)

Around the Unipol Arena: an area to discover


The Colli Bolognesi a territory to be discovered.

Come and explore its four municipalities with their uniqueness:

Casalecchio di Reno

Mount St. Peter


Zola Predosa


The Colli Bolognesi is a territory to be discovered also from a food and wine point of view.

Mortadella, truffles, tortellini and many other traditional Emilian dishes await you accompanied by the wines of the Colli Bolognesi.

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Many opportunities to stay on Colli Bolognesi.

Farmhouses, aapartments, hotels, bed & breakfast, inns, resort, room & breakfast and much more await you. Discover the most suitable structure for you on our pageWhere to sleep


Farms, wineries, agritourisms, farms, cellars, historic shops special places where you can taste and buy products of the highest quality: from the wine of the Bolognese hills to mortadella to tortellini with truffles a feast for the palate...

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Welcome to the Bolognese Hills

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